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Illustration Escapades: A Journey Through New York City's Museums and Galleries

Embarking on a whirlwind tour of New York City, my fiancé Tanner and I found ourselves immersed in the vibrant world of art and creativity. With a limited timeframe, we made the most of our visit by exploring some of the city's renowned museums and galleries. From the iconic MoMA to hidden gems in Chelsea, our artistic escapade was filled with captivating encounters and delightful surprises. Join me as I recount the highlights of our art-filled adventure in the Big Apple.

MoMA: A Creative Haven

Our journey began at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Despite having just a brief window of time, Tanner and I eagerly explored the fourth floor, where an array of masterpieces awaited us. It was interesting to view the MoMA through the eyes of an illustrator. The last time I was there, I was in the middle of my interior design degree. Now with illustration being the focus of my practice, I found myself drawn to the more illustrative works. One unexpected treasure stood out—the MoMA shop. As a passionate collector of mementos from my travels, I couldn't resist bringing home a perfect bowl that now graces my desk and is admired full-time.

a wide-mouth bowl sits on a desk. The center of the bowl is slightly raised, and has a small white house with a red roof sitting on top of it. On the desk behind the bowl is also a hibiscus plant in a terrecotta pot. Small mushroom-shaped decorative object  and a diffuser sit to the left of the pot.

A Chance Encounter at MAMAN

The following day led us to Chelsea for a work appointment, and while waiting, we stumbled upon a charming French café and patisserie called MAMAN. Serendipitously, I recalled having seen this very café on a show called Storefront Stories. Such coincidences added an extra layer of charm to our explorations, making every moment in the city unique and special. Plus, the croissant was top tier.

Taglialatella Galleries: A Starstruck Encounter

That same day as we journeyed northward to my appointment, we encountered smaller yet equally captivating galleries. Among them, Taglialatella Galleries stole my heart with its impressive collection featuring renowned artists like Mr. Brainwash, Invader, Andy Warhol, Banksy, and Jeff Koons, all gathered in one room. The experience left me starstruck and in awe of the creativity and innovation on display.

standing at the top of a stairwell looking downward. the walls are splattered with bubblegum pink paint. On the wall there is a neon sign of two figures holding up a radiating red heart.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: A Cultural Marvel

Our final day in New York led us to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, an iconic institution housing an extensive and diverse collection. Spanning a vast array of exhibits, from ancient Egyptian artifacts to modern and European art, the MET was a treasure trove of artistic wonders. Though a day was hardly enough to explore it all, we revelled at as much as we could, leaving with lasting memories of our encounter with history and culture. Some of my favourite pieces included the medieval religious carvings, meticulously carved out of boxwood, the dramatic lighting in Paul Flandrin's landscapes, and the bustling hand-painted scroll title Pilgrimage Mandala of Machi Shrine.

Exploring Mother Nature's Illustration

Beyond the artistic realm, our New York City adventure also embraced the beauty of its parks. We relished moments of tranquility in Bryant Park, capturing precious memories with our video cameras. The Highline offered us a unique perspective, strolling along beautifully landscaped tracks while discovering the city from above. And, of course, Central Park charmed us with its vastness, where we enjoyed a delightful breakfast and a tandem bike ride, cherishing the surprising juxtaposition of nature's serenity within the bustling metropolis.

New York City, with its art, museums, and green oases, left an indelible impression on both Tanner and me. Our artistic escapade through the city's cultural wonders provided a glimpse into the creative tapestry that makes New York so captivating. From the MoMA's modern masterpieces to the diverse exhibits at the MET, and the hidden art gems in Chelsea, each moment illuminated our journey. As we bid farewell to the city that never sleeps, we carried with us the cherished memories of our art-filled adventure, eagerly anticipating the next chapter in our explorations of the world's artistic wonders. Till next time, NYC!

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